For people who love fashion and love the planet

Sisters Nicole and Frankie decided to do something positive about the state of the world and fight back against the fast fashion industry by co-founding Bandi.

A few years ago, Frankie was travelling around Morocco when Nicole came out to soak up some sunshine. Just like at home, it wasn’t long before the two sisters emptied out their wardrobes and were busy swapping clothing and trying on new things. Frankie said, “Wouldn’t it be cool if everyone had a sister or a friend to swap with?”

What makes Bandi different is its focus on sustainability and community. Instead of high-end rentals for special occasions like weddings and one-off transactions, Bandi is about building relationships and allowing users to permanently swap – not just loan – the everyday items they never wear for new-to-them clothing from someone else’s wardrobe.

Here's how it works
Download Bandi

Head to the app store and download the Bandi App. Only available on iOS.

Create A Profile

Users add their personal details in the app along with their sizes. Profile pictures and a cover photo are customisable for personalisation of profiles.

Add To Wardrobe

Users add the clothes they never wear to their wardrobes. It is quick and easy to add items.

Find Clothes Twin

Users can browse the swapping community on our explore page and find their clothes twin.


Match with people of a similar size and style. A successful match allows access to each others wardrobes.


Scroll through the wardrobes of matches and request swaps. Search and filter is available inside matches allowing users to directly look for items they want within their matches wardrobes.

Request Swap

Once an item is found and a user wants to swap, they simply hit the request swap button and wait for their clothes twin to accept! Alternatively, they can chat about the item before requesting it.

Pay and Ship

Once accepted, users are directed to pay for postage and receive a QR code for posting. They need to package their item and drop it off to their local Evri (Hermes) store with their QR code. They will then receive their swap to their door.



Bandi is a fully circular alternative to fast fashion. All you have to do is pay the postage, say thank you, then bask in your own environmentally- friendly glow knowing that you didn’t send another sweater to landfill.



There’s no subscription (and swaps are free), so you don’t need a clothing budget to look the business. As long as you have clothes to swap, you’ll never run out – because when one item leaves you, another one arrives.



We’re not just about clothes. Bandi is a place where people want to hang out. From finding your “fashion twin” who shares the same clothing and fit challenges to belonging to a community that shares your values – we’re bringing together an eco-aware generation.