The Bandi Bag
By: Hope Titley
Have you got your Bandi Bag yet?


Sustainable fashion just got a whole lot more circular.
No matter how you find your clothes, there’s one thing that seems unavoidable. The waste.
This is even more prevalent when it comes to shopping online, as with each new haul comes a whole load of packaging that, more often than not, can’t be recycled or is thrown away after only one use.
Plastic packaging is estimated to make up 26% of the total volume of plastics created a year, and 72% of this is thrown away. That is a whole lot of pollution that the team at Bandi decided to do something about.
We love keeping our fashion circular (we are all about swapping clothes, after all), but your swaps need to be packaged safely before finding their way to their new home. We wanted to do this without the waste.

What is The Bandi Bag?

The Bandi Bag is our answer to all the pollution problems that come with traditional postage bags. Made up of entirely recycled materials (recycled vinyl, recycled canvas and 60% upcycled materials for the zipper and label pocket, to be precise), our bag is everything you need to feel good about posting. Our postage bag will last you for over 200 swaps, and considering a 100 pack of polythene bags costs £20, you’re saving money and the planet!
But that’s not all it is. The Bandi Bag is a 2-in-1 postage bag and tote bag so that you can rep Bandi every day in tote form. The zip will function for the tote, so you know your belongings will be safer than in a traditional tote.

How do I use it?

Use our Bandi Bag to post your swaps to other users on our platform and join the circular swapping community. Once a Bandi Bag is purchased, an icon will automatically be added to your profile so you know who you can swap your bags with.
From there, you simply bundle up your swaps, zip the bag up, head to your local Hermes Parcelshop and slide the postage label into the pocket on the front of the bag. Quick ‘n’ easy, and you’ve just helped cut out single-use plastic.
You can still swap clothes with non-Bandi Bag users, though we recommend you only use the bag for postage when swapping with another Bandi bag user. Don’t feel shy to ask if they are using their bag in chat!

What happens at the end of life?

You can send your Bandi bag to be repaired or upcycled, giving them a new lease of life and closing the circular loop that is Bandi.

I want one!

We know you can’t wait to get your hands on our bag (we can barely contain our own excitement), and they are finally here! Head over to the Bandi App and get yours now!

All you have to do is:

  1. Head to your profile in-app!
  2. Go into the settings (the three lines in the top right-hand corner)
  3. Click “The Bandi Bag”
  4. Make your purchase!

What are you waiting for?