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Bandi is the clothes swapping app for sustainable shoppers and we’re on the lookout for ambassadors to join the clothes swapping movement.

If you are passionate about sustainability, slow fashion, and live the thrifter lifestyle, then we would love you to be the first to try out our app and join the Bandi Ambassador Team. All you have to do is sign up below and help share the word about our app to those in your community.

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Ambassador perks What it takes?
Get featured on our social media channels
Become among the first to access our new product features
Gain access to our private ambassador community events
Be at the forefront of sustainable fashion movements
Have a passion for sustainability & slow fashion
Be open to promoting Bandi upon our launch and beyond
Ongoing support to grow the clothes swapping movement
Create authentic content of your swaps made on the Bandi app
Represent sustainability and thrifting with Bandi in a positive light
Align with our values of conscious consumerism and care for community
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