Festive Wardrobe Boost
By: Frankie Theakston
The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the joy of celebration, giving, and, of course, a little extra sparkle in our wardrobes. This year, we're delighted to introduce our "Festive Wardrobe Boost" campaign, designed to infuse your holiday style with a dash of sustainability.

What is “Festive Wardrobe Boost”?

Our “Festive Wardrobe Boost” campaign is a delightful blend of giving and style. It invites you to:
Swap or Sell: Share the holiday spirit by listing your Christmas jumpers for swapping or selling on our app.
Add Prices: Make your wardrobe items even more attractive for the holiday shopping season by adding prices.

Why Participate?

By taking part, you’re not only elevating your holiday wardrobe but also contributing to the circular fashion economy. Every successful swap or sale automatically enters you for a chance to win a special holiday gift – our way of saying thank you for embracing sustainability.
Sharing the Cheer: “Give Back” is at the heart of our campaign:
Invite Friends & Family: Encourage your loved ones to join in the festive swap and sale fun. The more, the merrier!
Make a Difference: Consider donating a portion of your sale proceeds to a charity of your choice. It’s the season of giving, after all.

Join the Festive Wardrobe Boost: Why wait?

Join us in making this holiday season not only stylish but sustainable. Let’s celebrate the festivities in a way that matters, making a positive impact along the way.

Join Festive Wardrobe Boost

As we usher in the holiday season, we invite you to embrace style, sustainability, and a touch of giving with our “Festive Wardrobe Boost” campaign. Together, let’s make this season one to remember, filled with warmth, joy, and fashionable choices that matter.

Warmest wishes for a stylish and sustainable holiday season,

The Bandi Team